An ordinary girl

This page will tell you a bit more about me, your writer.

I'm an ordinary girl. My name is Hai Mei but some of my friends call me Emi. I'm originally from Asia, but born, raised and lived my whole life in the Netherlands. I'm 26 years old. I just realized that it's probably boring to read some facts about me in a bunch of text so I'm gonna sum up the most importants facts about me (surely, you will get to know me better while reading my blog):
  • 2 parents who own an Asian restaurant (how ordinary xd)
  • a big brother (really lazy one :p)
  • a big sister (who annoys me sometimes :p)
  • a really sweet but very needy kitty cat
  • a crappy love life
  • a few friends
  • still live at home (although my parents are almost all the time at the restaurant)
  • finished my study in marketing in May 2012, struggling since then, with what I shall do now.
  • weekend part time job at my parents restaurant
  • Im trying to go to the gym, once a week, since last week (hope I can keep it up this time x__x)
Hmm think that pretty much sums it up for now. Now Im gonna make it a bit more personal. What are the things I love and love to do in life?
  • food: cooking, baking, eating, watching..
  • writing & reading
  • English language (some how I always think in English), although my English isn't that good I feel more comfortable writing in English.
  • American movies and tv shows. (tv show addict!)
  • animals
  • being creative
  • Hello Kitty 
  • coffee
  • Facebook (although I can also hate it some times)
  • Pinterest (I love the food section ^^)
  • John Mayers music
  • Traveling
I'm a dreamer and a thinker. That's why I need to write, so I can get rid of the so many thoughts that go through my head every day.

Well, I hope I have managed to give you an first impression of who's writings you're reading. U can always comment me, if you wanna know specific things about me. Or just take a look on my website: haimeigao

With love,

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